Friday, December 29, 2006

More Christmas

These last two are from Dad's breakfast Christmas morning Here's the Cowley clan Christmas dinner This is Godzilla baby ravaging the poor people staying at the Christian singles resort.
"Where's the tanning bed."
Sienna had a rough Christmas, so Christmas day she had a cold drink and promptly passed out on the floor.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas !!!!!

This Christmas was amazing. We had so much fun with family and friends doing so many things. Our gift exchange at Nicole and Jeff's was a big hit like usual, the baking didn't hurt either. This year we spent Christmas eve at the Cowley's, came down for Breakfast at My dad's and then headed back up to Ladysmith. Mom will be coming in early January so we are excited for that. Over the holiday we ate lots of food played lots of poker and watched hours of Lord of the Rings. I'm glad I had from the 23rd to Jan 2 off to just enjoy the season with family. We got more than what we could ever need and then some. Thanks to all our family that sent Christmas cards and for all the gifts. We haven't had much time to send thank you cards so thank you. Here are just a few of the many pictures we took.
These are the lovely ladies from the gift exchange night

This is Chistmas eve building our Gingerbread masterpieces, which actually turned out pretty cool.
This is the ladies Road to Avonlea inspired scene. Pretty good.
And this is the men's Christian singles resort complete with marshmellow limosine, cobblestone walkways, rockwork around the pillars, a palm tree out front, a tiki hut, pool,paved driveway, grass yard, 4 decks, and also mince meat tart planter boxes(because what else are mince meat tarts good for).
Opening stockings early Christmas morning.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Took a while!!

So I haven't updated for a while due to our busy lives. I was back at work this week and at night it is quality time with Elizabeth and Sienna. Anyways since the last post we have been doing Christmas type stuff. We have done some shopping, had a Christmas gift exchange and other Christmas type things. We are looking forward to Christmas and all the festivities. My favorite things this time of year are sitting by the tree drinking Hickory Farms coffee with the lights and fire log dvd in the background. Also I enjoy spending time with family in Ladysmith playing games and watching movie. One of my favorite things is the breakfast my dad puts on for all the Booth family. This year will be special because of Sienna and also Mom/Grandma Riseborough will be here for a couple weeks. Here's a couple of pictures of days gone by.

This is a pretty bad picture but it's kind of cute at the same time.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Settled in at home

Well Sienna is 1 week old tomorrow and is doing amazing. She is really smart(as smart as a 6 day old can be) and is learning every day. She already has a really strong neck and lifts it up all the time and moves it easy. This is a good thing because that is the thing I worried most about a little baby. She learned to use the bottle this morning which is great because it buys Elizabeth a bit extra sleeping time. Sienna has an interesting habbit when you change her now. Pretty much you have to use two diapers when you change her because she thinks it's funny to poo and then just as you take the diaper off and turn to put it in the disposer, she lets another one go. We love all the little sounds and movements she makes. The only time she cries is when she's hungry or naked(just like her dad). Most of the day she sleeps and it is fairly random. We haven't been able to figure out her pattern of sleep yet, all we know is this simple formula: Change diaper=feeding=sleep. We've gone out already with her to Red Robins(she had the "Ham bacon cheesin' up great chicken burger", with fries). We've also gone to wallmart and The Empress to look at the Christmas trees. I haven't taken too mant more pictures but here are a few.

This is our friend Sarah's work Christmas tree at the Empress
This is Sienna's first boyfriend Colby. I know I know, your thinking he looks too old for Sienna. Although he is a craddle robber he's a very nice young man. They have a great relationship going, his mom won't let him touch Sienna for fear of him pulling out her eyelashes and Sienna can't see yet so it really is a two way street.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Day one at home!

So today is Dec 2 , which some of you know was our actual due date. Today is also special because we came home from the hospital today at 11:00am. The nurses were all surprised that we wanted to come home so fast, but couldn't stop us because everything went perfect from start to finish.
The morning of Sienna's birth the nurse came in at 7:45am and said it was time to head over to the O.R. By 8:20am Sienna was out of Elizabeth and was getting cleaned up by the nurses. The C-section went really well but the epidural was a bit of a different story. The anesthetist had some trainee with him that morning and decided to have Elizabeth be the guinney pig. The needle was put in her spine but was too high or too strong because it travelled up into Elizabeth's lungs and chest. With her chest paralized she couldn't breath on her own and passed out which created a bit of chaos. The doctor's had to give her an antidote and start the c-section right away. So with all this going on I had no clue, I was sitting in the waiting room with my scrubs on ready to go in. The nurse came and said I better get in there quick. I through on a mask and entered just as the cut her open and were ready to pull Sienna's head out. I sat beside my wife and held her hand and heard" lets pull the head out". I peaked over the curtain and saw the doctor with his arm in Elizabeth as he pulled out our little child. Imediatly i looked the the weiner that I excpected to see and there was nothing. I thought he was partially deformed but soon came to realise that my little guy was a precious little angel. I broke down in tears(of joy)and listened to my childs first sound. She looked so gorgeous, she wasn't red or purple and she wasn't blotchy at all. The next words I heard were "look at that red hair". Red hair...don't worry she doesn't look like Ronald McDonald. It's more strawberry blonde.
After Elizabeth was sewed up Sienna immediatly started eating. She didn't need any coaxing or anything. That is how our little child has been since day one. She has eaten none stop and is so good and healthy. She eats every hour but usually once during the day will sleep for four or five hours. We hope that trend is during the night. Sienna is so good with people and doesn't cry at all if people hold her. I'm tired now so i'll sign off for now.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sienna Elizabeth Booth

I don't have long cause I have to head back to the hospital to tend to my wife and child. We finally had our little child. Sienna was born today November 30 at 8:20am. She weighed 7lbs exactly and is 20inches long. We love her so much already she is absolutly gorgeous. I'll put more on and tell you all about the day after we get home from the hospital. Here's a few pictures.

Sienna Elizabeth Booth

I don't have long cause I have to head back to the hospital to tend to my wife and child. We finally had our little child. Sienna was born today November 30 at 8:20am. She weighed 7lbs exactly and is 20inches long. We love her so much already she is absolutly gorgeous. I'll put more on and tell you all about the day after we get home from the hospital. Here's a few pictures.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Due date and time!!!!!!!

For those of you who care to know we now know the date and time of our babies birth. It is scheduled for Thursday November 30 8:00am. That's this Thursday morning!!! We're ready as we ever will be and can't wait to see this little one. The next entry I put on might very well have a picture of our new son/daughter. That's all for now, if you have any ideas on names for the baby let us know.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Tree/Snow day

Today I started the day off at 7:00am like normal. The difference was the dump load of snow we got over night. I went out to my work van, started it up and headed out. I thought I was doing pretty good considering I made it all the way up our road and around the corner....well almost. As I turned the corner my stupid van took a slide one way and then the other. After I came to a stop I realized I was in a ditch and not going anywhere. My van was completely sideways and blocking half the road. I went home and grabbed a shovel and began digging an area around my dumb van. Long story short I got my van out, drove it home and got in my jogging pants for a snow day.
We decided to take advantage of the day and decorate for Christmas, Tree and all. I love our tree and think that the house looks better than ever for baby's first Christmas.

Some people have been asking and wondering about Elizabeth and where we stand. The latest is that we've decided and have informed the doctor that we don't want the manual baby flip procedure(I'm sure there's a scientific term for it). We don't want to risk anything going wrong during it, no matter how small the chance. We are going forward with booking a C-section and still praying that baby flips on it own when it's good and ready. If we have to do a C-section than you can bet on the birthday being some time this weekend. If the baby flips last minuite than we will be waiting for contractions to start and for Elizabeth to go into natural labour. That's as specific as it gets for now. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Banquet and Snow.

Friday we headed up to Ladysmith for some sweet Christmas banquet action. It was a lot of fun, laughs, and great food. We had turkey and ham at the same time. Elizabeth's dad was MC and Naomi was the musical lead, her voice was quite angelic.
So after the banquet night we woke up to 6 inches of snow on the ground. It has been snowing ever since. That was Ladysmith which always gets more snow than Victoria. On our way back to Victoria we thought that it would be just rainy and wet here, but not at all. Victoria got some snow as well.
This is the Durango outside the Cowley house. I must say that our new truck dominates the snow. I drove all the way back to Victoria in 4H and didn't have any problems. We also drove all around a Christmas tree farm today along snow covered dirt roads with no problem.

This is the malahat. Not a plow in site. By the way my pet peave is little stupid cars trying to be heros by going on the malahat and holding up all the traffic by sliding around and spinning into the ditch.

One last thing is that we did, was get our Christmas tree today, but not from the tree farm. We ended up getting it from Home Depot and it's really fat and nice. I'll put pictures of it after we decorate it, maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Welcome to my crib!!!!!!

Tonight we got the crib for our son/daughter. It's beautiful, white and really cute. We are so thankful for it and can't wait to lay the little one down. I'm really tired so i'll go now. Not long now!!!!!
Me putting together the crib. Obviously.
Here's me realizing I should have put the crib together in the bedroom because it wouldn't fit through the door. I had to take it apart to get it in.
This is mom getting practice. Elizabeth is going to be a great mom to our lucky little child. She is so loving all the time no matter what ,and I am so thankful for her.
Dad and Bev bought us the crib/mattress and bedding set, they went kind of overboard but we are thankful for the gifts. I noticed I said "thankful" a few times tonight it must be 'cause of USA Thanksgiving. Later.