Thursday, May 25, 2006

Baby on board!!!!!!!!!

Just in case some of you don't know already yes we are expecting a little one. We did pretty good keeping it under wraps for 11 weeks, but it just got too hard and we got too excited. It was a total surprise for us and not planned at all, as we were planning to take ourselves south for a couple of years. At first we were pretty freaked out about the whole thing and didn't really talk about it for 3 weeks. The realization is settling in and we are now very excited. We have postponed our trip to California for the time being but do plan to still make the trip after the baby(probably 1 year). But for now we are learning as we go and are looking forward to having a child while we are young and energetic. We always read your comments and definitely wouldn't mind some advice from some of the parents. Now the news is officially out and we will update as we go along this journey into the unknown.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

?????Port Renrew?????

This entry is kind of an odd one I think. I mean how exciting can a trip to Port Renrew be. Honestly not much, but as this is my blog site I will fill it however I feel with what ever dribble I want.
.....I arose this cool rainy morning as like any other. As I lifted my head from my pillow dreading another post holiday work day, I thought to myself gosh it sure would be great to drive all the way to Port Renfrew in the pouring rain in a broken down work van smelling of lacquer thinner rendering me stoned and dizzy by the time I finally get to my final destination.
Although I admit it was a long drive it was a drive I had never done before. I couldn't remember ever being past China Beach. On the way there as I was rounding a corner I saw this big black thing in the middle of the road ahead. As I drove closer I saw that it was a black bear. The bear darted across the highway and leaped onto a rock cliff and quickly scaled up the side into the bush. I thought that was the coolest thing because I never see bears around here. Well a few km's up the road ,again a black thing on the road. This bear was BIG he was twice as big as the first one and didn't move until I was right up on him. I have never seen a bear that close and thought it was pretty cool.

BBQ @ T&J's

This last weekend was the Victoria Day holiday weekend. With Victoria Day comes the parade downtown which is always a great time of coffee, second rate marching bands and a lot of mocking. As you will notice there are no pictures of this great event, mainly due to the reason that nobody went this year. Holiday Monday was a misserable day of wind, rain and below seasonal temperatures. With this weather no one wants to be outside facing the elements for hours and hours, other hand we don't mind being inside stuffing our faces with greasy bbq'd burgers and cheese dogs, right!!!! That's what we did at Tricia and Justin's in the afternoon. We crammed everyone we could fit in their new house which totalled 24 including children.
Justin tending the grill outside in the rain.
Here's just a few of the many people that were there, the crowds spilled into the living room as well as upstairs in the kids/Todd room.