Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What have we been up to??

So we've had a busy week with family and fun. Well since our last post we had Elizabeth's parents visit us for a week. It was great to have them here and Elizabeth was sooo happy to have them. The week they came was a pretty nice week weather wise. There were severeal afternoons spent pool side catching some rays and taking a dip. Sienna was sure happy to see G&G, it took her a day but after that she warmed up to them. One of the days we went to Santa Cruz to check out the beach, surf and walk the pier. The highlight of the week for me was my Christmas present from Elizabeth which was tickets to the Warriors Vs Rockets basketball game in Oakland. The Rockets were my favorite team but now I have to cheer for Golden State because we live here. The game went down to the wire and the fans were electric, Elizabeth's Dad was so excited he went streaking across the floor and got tackled by the security.

Of course it was Easter weekend so we went to church, which i won't mention the name of for fear of the pastoral staff catching wind and reading this post. For those that don't know the post I entered about "Football churh" got noticed by the Staff at the church and the whole pastoral staff read it. The pastor told us on the Following Sunday that they were glad we enjoyed it. That was an awkward momment.

Yesterday we bought our Season passes for Gilroy Gardens family theme park and spent a few hours there. It's great for Sienna and would be great for all you family and friends to enjoy if you came down(especially the ones with kiddies) Sienna had fun going on her first mini rollercoaster and got to drive a 67 corvette. Other than that were just having fun doing whatever we want to.