Thursday, July 06, 2006

The big day!! First Baby pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was the biggest baby day since we found out Elizabeth was pregnant, ultrasound day!!!! This morning at 10:00 was exciting, we got to see our first pictures of the baby. We got to see about 45min of the baby moving around and got 8 pictures of the baby to take home. It was so neat to see little ______ laying there and adjusting his/her body in different ways. The baby moved a lot more than we thought, Elizabeth couldn't feel it move at all. We Didn't find out what the sex was, even with mild pressure on my part to know if it was a Boy or a girl. Either way I'm cool with it. We have a couple of good pictures so hopefully you can make out the shapes.

Picture 3 clearly shows that we have a classic case of thumbsuckingalatosis.

Picture 4 shows how flexible the baby is obviously taking after his/her father.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 3 kayaking and more sun

On our last day of this long weekend we we're going to rent jet skis and tear up the lake but it didn't work out, oh well. Instead we rented a kayak and cruised on Elk Lake for the afternoon. We thought it would have been easier than it was, so I think our arms will be hurting tomorrow. It was a nice change from the ordinary, I do still want to rent something with a little more power this summer. This was a great summer weekend with nice weather, sun, and a whole lot of fun.

Day 2 of Holiday weekend

So yesterday was another nice day to hit the beach so that's what we did we packed some drinks and snacks and cruised down to Willows for the afternoon.

It would have been a beautiful day for a sail. My preference would be a ski boat but whatever. Last night Elizabeth worked so I went to see Superman. Let me just say that it was a 3hr movie and it was 2hrs too long. The love story way overshadowed the butt kickin that I was expecting. So if you want a pure romance this is the movie for you, if you can stay awake.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh Canada and a beach fire...

So to start off this long weekend we thought it would be a great idea to get a bunch of people to go out and have a beach fire at Esquimalt lagoon. We invited some friends and grabbed some drinks and snacks and vegged by the fire. It was a gorgeous night like every night the last two weeks. Some times something so simple as a fire can be such a great time of just laughing and enjoying the company of friends. Last night we watched the firewoks at a friends house instead of venturing into the mass chaos of downtown. Don't really know what else is planned for this weekend but hopefully it's lots of fun in the sun!!