Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Settled in at home

Well Sienna is 1 week old tomorrow and is doing amazing. She is really smart(as smart as a 6 day old can be) and is learning every day. She already has a really strong neck and lifts it up all the time and moves it easy. This is a good thing because that is the thing I worried most about a little baby. She learned to use the bottle this morning which is great because it buys Elizabeth a bit extra sleeping time. Sienna has an interesting habbit when you change her now. Pretty much you have to use two diapers when you change her because she thinks it's funny to poo and then just as you take the diaper off and turn to put it in the disposer, she lets another one go. We love all the little sounds and movements she makes. The only time she cries is when she's hungry or naked(just like her dad). Most of the day she sleeps and it is fairly random. We haven't been able to figure out her pattern of sleep yet, all we know is this simple formula: Change diaper=feeding=sleep. We've gone out already with her to Red Robins(she had the "Ham bacon cheesin' up great chicken burger", with fries). We've also gone to wallmart and The Empress to look at the Christmas trees. I haven't taken too mant more pictures but here are a few.

This is our friend Sarah's work Christmas tree at the Empress
This is Sienna's first boyfriend Colby. I know I know, your thinking he looks too old for Sienna. Although he is a craddle robber he's a very nice young man. They have a great relationship going, his mom won't let him touch Sienna for fear of him pulling out her eyelashes and Sienna can't see yet so it really is a two way street.