Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Very Brokeback Weekend

This last weekend was Easter as you all know. We spent the weekend in Ladysmith with the Cowley's. Becka and Gavin were also home for the weekend, all we were missing was Phillip. The weather was rather miserable but I did happen to get this picture of a double rainbow outside Chateau Cowley. I know it's sort of brokeback but I think it's pretty cool. The Easter dinner was amazing as all festive dinners are by Mom and Dad Cowley's. The turkey was moist and supple, the potatoes were mashed and creamy, the stuffing was spiced and the corn..... well the corn was as nasty as always to me but everyone else loved it.

The sign of a good meal is having traces of it stuck in your teeth for hours and hours.

On Sunday morning Bethel Church had a small Easter contata. The small kids did a few songs followed by short dramatization of the Easter story. It was good and sort of funny at times too, except for the 10 minutes of absolute awkwardness due to technical difficulties. All in all it was a really relaxing weekend and we had a lot of laughs.