Monday, May 29, 2006

Holy cow, we have a heartbeat!!!!!

Today was the first real doctor's appointment for Elizabeth. I wish I could have been there but I was up island. Today Elizabeth heard our little babies heartbeat for the first time!!!!! It has a healthy beat of 150 beats per minuite. There is also only one heartbeat which means no brothers or sisters at the same time, thank the lord! Five weeks from now is our first ultrasound at V.G.H. that will be crazy. We will definetly get a picture of it so stay tuned for the first photo. Even though the baby has a heartbeat it is still only about 5cm long. Elizabeth has not gained a pound yet in her pregnancy, she is determind to be on the cover of "Fit Pregnancy Magazine" in a teeny weeny itsy bitsy yellow polkadot bikini. As it turns out we are farther along than we thought, 13 weeks to be exact. This means the new ETA of Jr. is Dec.2!!!
This is a picture of ??____?? at 13weeks just kickin' it.