Thursday, May 03, 2007

Times Colonist 10k run

So this last weekend was the TC10K run, starring Elizabeth. I have never even been downtown to watch the event before so I had no idea how huge it is. A while ago I was asked to do the pictures for the Glad Tidings "GTeam", which was 61runners from the church. The day started out @7:00am with a team photo and the race was at 8:00am. The organizer for the GTeam had this great idea that I should ride a bike and have balloons flying off the back so everyone could see me and pose for a shot. Picture me riding a big yellow bike with matching helmet and four big green helium balloons waving behind me!!!!! The first thing I did was stuff the balloons in a garbage bag so no one could see them until I was down on Dallas rd. Anyways the run went great, Elizabeth came in right at 49min and she said she felt great. The star of the run was Nicole who came in at 45min!!! Way to go Nicole, the sponsors should be pouring in soon. Here's some pictures because my blog always needs pictures.