Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We here in our place

I'll just quickly fill everyone in on our situation, because I'm stealing wireless from some guy in our workout gym. We are in our townhouse now, and it is amazing. The drive down for the second time in 2 weeks was hard. It was long and boring. It was a good thing I had Shane with me because I would have hated it without someone else. We moved into our house the day we got here around 5pm. It's taken us a few days to unpack everything and start to get organized but slowly were getting there. Elizabeth finally starts work today at 10am just for orientation but it's good she's starting. Most of this week we've been going to Santa Cruz to take pictures of surfers and just to hang out there. Yesterday Shane surfed while I took pictures and Elizabeth played with Sienna. That's about it hopefully we are getting our phone/internet/cable hooked up this week. Talk to you all soon.