Monday, February 18, 2008

Going to Victoria

Just a quick note. I will be flying back to victoria tomorrow to get the moving truck and bring all our stuff down. I'll only be in town for a day and a half. Coming back with me is Shane who is coming down to do some surfing and hopefully help me move in a couch or two. Ayways there might be a lack of posts for a few or more days as I'll be busy driving and getting into our new house. Talk to you all soon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just another lazy Sunday afternoon.

This will be a short one, I think. Being Sunday today we decided that it would be in our best interests to go to church. Some of us got going kind of slow so we were 20min's late, but for most of you that have seen us stroll into GT that's not a big surprise. Church was good there was a guest speaker, don't remember his name but remember everything he said of course. the last couple of weeks we've been scoping out the church for young couples with kids that we may become acquainted with. Elizabeth has seen a couple of top prospects but we don't want to act too fast, we don't want to look desperate. It's a whole mind game thing you know, you gotta throw out the vibe and see if someone throws it back. Really we're just trying to fill the empty void in our hearts for all our Victoria/Vancouver friends and Family. After church we decided to skip out on the visitors super duper get to know everyone, awkward time of fellowship, tell us all about you and your first pets name,what's your favorite food, would you like to join the choir, when can you give your testimony, here's your tithe envelopes lunch. Instead of that we went by ourselves to Mimi's Cafe and had a nice lunch. Sienna got a desert with her kids lunch called something dirt, which consisted of chocolate pudding, oreo cookie crumbs and gummie worms. Neadless to say she made some kind of mess. P.S. the reason I'm writing this @ 4:00 is because tonight is totally devoted to the great TV which will entertain me with the 2008 NBA allstar game for the evening. That's it, see ya.