Saturday, May 20, 2006

Summer BBQ"S!!!!!!!

This is a great weekend!!! The reason for that is because #1 It's a long weekend and #2 we finally got a new bbq just in time for the hot summer ahead. I've never owned a new bbq and I'm very excited to bbq anything I can find. If you didn't know my favorite show on T.V. is called "Licence To Grill". The show is on the Food Network Channel at 3:00pm every weekday. Rob Rainford makes amazing dishes with the bbq

AFTER !!!!!!!

Mom's Here

Sorry the site hasn't been updated for a while but we have been busy busy. Last week my Mom was in town for my aunt Bev's 50th Birthday. It was great to have Mom here because we only see her once or twice a year. She got a chance to see T&J's new house and helped them with landscaping the yard. It was a good week and we miss Mom already.