Saturday, March 18, 2006

PG 13 but kinda cool

I was playing around with Pohotoshop and came up with this. I thought it was kinda cool.

Friday, March 17, 2006

The New Chateau Macdonald

Well this has been a great week with great news. Tricia and Justin are officially the proud owners of their first home. And what a home it is. It looks amazing inside and out especially for a starter home. We looked at a bunch on the MLS that they were looking at and none were as nice as this one. They also didn't have to move out of town where most of the houses they looked at were. I think they made a great decision with this house. It was on the market for I think one or two days and they liked it so much they put an offer in and two hours later it was approved. Congratulations to you guys I hope your really happy there for as long as you live there.

I took these pictures on a cloudy day so it might not look as nice as on a bright summers day. The second picture is what it should look like on a sunny day..... In July......about 25 degrees.....Eating hamburgers in the back yard after a long day at the beach sun tanning and your all hot and covered in sand and your skin is red from the overexposure and your car seats are burning hot from the scortching sun but once you get in the car and turn on the air conditioning and feel that cool breeze on your face you just want to get out and hop into a crystal clear pool with all your friends and play marco polo until the sun goes down casting that burnt orange glow across the sky and you settle into your patio chair with a cup of hazelnut vanilla coffee and laugh the night away......I miss you sun........I miss you summer.

I also took this picture from the back of the house. It just sort of gives you a different angle on the house