Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Island Adventures

This thusday and friday for me(Brian) were spent ferry hoping between Victoria/Saturna/Saltspring and Mayne Island. I don't mind these days because it usually means 2hrs work for a 10hr day. Thursday was Saltspring island which I had been to a couple times before, once last week actually. It was nothing out of the ordinary and was a gorgeous day to travel. After my job I stopped for lunch at this restuarant/cafe on the water that I always go to over there. The good thing about these jobs on the island is that the ferries are few and far between so I have a chance to look around and take some pictures.
Friday was Mayne island, never been didn't really care to ever go. I had to be on the 5am ferry over which meant I was up at 4am to get out there in time. I actually love beeing up really eary like that when it's quiet and dark. Anyways I got on the ferry and got over there not knowing what to expect, but it was a pleasant surprise. I found all kinds of neat places, and a beach that was really nice. I'm over my writing quota so here are some pictures.
This was on the way to Saltspring Thursday, I love the rays of light coming through the clouds.
This was on the ferry to Mayne island. The colour of the sunrise turned everything orange, the boat, the water and the trees on the shore.
Some old tractor sitting outside and old farm house. It kind of shows the lifestyle of the poeple on the island. I went to a little bakery that was serving breakfast after my job and it showed me that poeple like living in their simple small town ways. I ordered my omlette and coffee got out my debit card, "sorry we don't have debit". The lady said "you can eat your breakfast and the go down the road to the atm and pay after"!!!!!!! that would never happen in Victoria at a place you've never been. When I got my coffee, I just grabbed a big old mug out of the cupboard and poured it myself. Long story short it was kinda cool.