Saturday, August 12, 2006

Baby update sort of!!!

So Elizabeth is in her 24th week and is starting to grow finally. It seems like she will grow a lot in the next few weeks and months so maybe we'll update with belly pictures as we go now. We are still so excited and now we just want the kid to be born to see what it looks like and how it behaves.
This week we also booked our last trip to California as "DINK's"( Dual income no kids) We will be going down Sept 2 to soak up the sun and just relax. We plan to head down to San Diego because we've never been yet. We'll take in a baseball game and check out some other sites down there. We are also going to go to our favorite beach Santa Monica. This year is going to be a lot more relaxed than previous trips, we aren't hitting all the theme parks this time. I hope to take a bunch of pictures down there so you can be sure you'll be seeing them on the blog.
This coming Saturday is Rebekah and Gavin's wedding in which I will be the official photographer, Pardon me while I throw up....... I'll be honest I am getting nervous because it is such a big thing and I have never done a wedding before. Oh well there's a first for everything!!??!!?? Here's a couple of pictures to satisfy your viewing pleasures.
Here is litlle Elizabeth at 6 month's pregnant. She doesn't look huge yet by any stretch of the imagination, but soon....
I have been getiing up at 5:30am a couple days a week and going to get some early morning shots when the lighting is good. This one is on the breakwater all by myself around 5:45am last week. Elizabeth really likes it and said I should put it on the blog site so here it is.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sproat lake pictures

This site is acting stupid so I'll have to put more pictures up later.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sproat Lake long weekend

This past weekend was a weekend we look forward to every year. Once a year we get the chance to use Elisa's parents place on sproat lake, past Port Alberni. It's such a great place up there with every summer experience you can think of. It has camping(if you consider a fully functional RV with kitchen bathroom and cable TV camping)a fire pit, a gorgeous lake, and a boat to take full advantage of the large lake. We went on Saturday afternoon, picked up Ryan and Elisa on the way through Ladysmith and arrived around 2:00 in Port Alberni. We loaded up on food and goodies,, and got there just in time for dinner. That night we took a spin on the boat and just relaxed around the fire. Sunday we got up and made bacon,eggs,maple sausages,and toast before we got going on our big day. I'll just add that the weather was hovering around 28 degrees the whole weekend so we got a lot of sun. So Sunday morning Ryan and I went to put gas in the boat before we headed out. As we were at the gas pump I leaned over to pick up the spare gas tank and heard a "clink" sound on the dock, I bent down and saw that the water was rippled around where I was standing. I reached my hand in my pouch pocket and realised something was missing, that something was my keys which had the car/house/van and various other work related keys on it. So my keys just sank to the bottom of the lake which was pretty bad because I didn't have spares for some of them. After we filled up the boat we headed back to get the girls. We needed to get something out of the car so I asked Elizabeth for her keys as mine were 30ft deep in the lake. We looked around and couldn't find them anywhere, we ripped apart the trailer,garbage,clothes and anything else we could find, nothing! We finally went and looked in the car and there they were in the back seat, all the doors locked every window up.
To make a long story sort of short I used a trusty coat hanger and jimmy'd the door open.
Anyways we got away and did some boating some swimming and some sunbathing, it was a good day. We then went to a restaurant called "Aquadisiac", there's a long story of how crappy that place was so I won't go in to it. I will say that we had alligator that night which was good until we got the bill. Monday we went to Coombs on the way back and saw the goats on the roof and then had a swim at Elisa's parents pool. It was a great weekend and we created lots of great memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!pictures to come!