Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter, Sienna and other random stuff

So it's been a while since my last update, and in that time there has been Easter, birthdays and other stuff happen. Let me start with Easter at the Cowley house. We had fourteen people including My dad, the MacDonalds and 3 of Sienna's great grandparents. We had a great feast and a wonderful time of fellowship. On the Sunday the Brisco's surprised the family with a visit and we had a big tennis match on the Monday, lots of fun. I should say that on the Friday I reluctantly played flag football only to be undercut by the Noobie youth pastor of Ladysmith. I hurt my leg, back and he also stepped on my foot with his cleat and turned two of my toenails black. A long story short I was basically incapacitated for the weekend. After the weekend we went to the Keg with my Dad, Bev, Tricia and Justin for T&J's birthdays.
Sienna has also started teething and is a little fusy at times but she makes all kinds of wierd sounds and funny faces. Sienna also rolled completely over on her own this week which is pretty cool I guess. Anyways I'm not wanting to blab anymore so see ya.

Elizabeth and Naomi waiting for there chance at the "First annual Cowley/Booth/Brisco tennis invitational"
This is a random tennis ball but I like the picture(I'm a simple man).

Intense action in the doubles tourny
Elizabeth still has her sweet stroke.

This is the most freaked out Easter bunny I've ever seen.

That's better

Sienna having fun with a friend

Sienna in her Easter outfit checking out Grandpa cowley

Great Gandma's