Friday, June 15, 2007

Naomi's graduation

so cool with my auntie becky!!
Sweet bonfire at mom and dad's!!

Philip making the children happy

Gavin going down Dad's sweet home made slip and slide

Sienna playing with her second cousin Isabella in the pool!"Where did you get your swimsuit from?"

Sienna's first pool time in the pool Granda picked for her.

Sienna enjoying her swing that Grandpa made her and Grandma enjoying laughing!!

Great Grandma's and Grandpa

The Five Mile Creek ladies

Well, well my youngest sister has graduated.Congratulations Naomi Ii cannot believe this time has come.I was remembering when we used to play Five Mile Creek/House and you would always be our little orphan baby and we would have to take care of you.No more little orphan baby now you can choose to be Kate, Maggie or even Paddie if you wanted!!All I know is that I am sooo proud of you and we really had a blast at your grad.