Monday, April 24, 2006

Moving Day

The day after the wedding was moving day for Tricia and Justin. Usually I dread helping people move and avoid it at all costs but this time was different. I was really excited for them moving into their first house. We had a fair amount of help considering it was at 9:30am Sunday morning(Yes we skipped church). Our cousin Ben was the first person there bright and early with his coffee ready to go.

It was a fairly warm day out, I had to make due as best I could.
Justin's dad, Justin, My dad, and me. Just havin' a break before the KFC feast began. We were kind of tired, but considering we started at 9:30 and were done around noon is pretty good I would say.

Justin got a barely used mower from a guy at his work, so I gave it a test run in the front yard. Who would have thought I would volunteer to do chores, my parents are going to be baffled.

It was actually a really fun day and the Macdonald house is a really nice place. I hope they are happy there for years to come.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ryan and Elisa's wedding

Are they a good looking couple or what. This last weekend was the wedding we've been waiting for a long time. There was talk of it like 3 years ago but April 22, 2006 was the day it all went down. It was worth the wait. It was a beautiful wedding at Bethel in Ladysmith, with the reception in Cowichan Bay at The Grand Oceanfront Resort. The Day was so sunny and warm, not a cloud to be found. In case some of you don't know Ryan and me have been best friends since childhood, and Elisa and Elizabeth the same. It's a pretty unique and awsome experience when best friends mary best friends. Anyways the day was a lot of fun, there were tons of laughs and a few tears but everyone got threw it. The pictures took place in Ladysmith at Transfer Beach. Same place as Our wedding almost 5 years ago.
Pretty in pink? I would say so. Especially that Blondie second from the left.

Another good picture of the bridesmaides, and of corse the Bride.