Saturday, February 09, 2008

We made it!!!!!

Today we arrived in Morgan hill where we will stay for two weeks or so. We got here around 1:00pm and had to kill some time before our room was ready. Across the street is a huge soccer tounament going on. Sienna had fun watching that and running around outside. We also found a great park near by where we spent an hour playing with a bunch of kids and just enjoying the sunshine. It's so strange to be able to go out in a t-shirt in the middle of Feb. today was 22 degrees and SUNNY, you might be sick of me saying that but it's unreal to be here. our hotel room is rather large and the hotel seems nice. there are a few issues but nothing too major. We are both glad we don't have to switch hotels again tomorrow, although we will be sick of this one after two weeks. We will go check out our future home and some other sites tomorrow, nothing too much.

Friday, February 08, 2008

3:10 to Yuba

Instead of driving all day and night today, we decided to split it in two days. After all we would be rushing to stay in a hotel for two weeks, so if we stay in one on the way what's the difference ?

Last night I decided that we would take a minor detour and head south east the Reno, Nevada. I was all excited because it looked kind of interesting and besides i could triple our funds for the month. In the morning facing another 5.5 hour drive I decided it would be wise to just head south and end up wherever we did. Reno is about 4 hours from Gilroy so If we did want to go there it would be easy. Anyways we headed over the Mountains in Oregon and Half way through the mountains we entered a snowy California. There was tons of the white stuff, not my idea warm sunny California. As we drove more we ended up in Chico and decided to stop for a rest and dinner. We hadn't got out of the car since Oregon and as we pulled up to the Target store we saw a girl wearing shortty shorts and a t-shirt??! We opened the door and felt the 20 degree weather and finally felt like we were in sunny California. We are having a great time together as a family and I cherish this time very much. I am so thankfull for this opportunity.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

grants pass, Oregon

Day 2 of our trip south. Today we went from Tacoma, Wa. to grants pass, Or. Today was a lot more driving than yesterday, 6.5hrs to be exact. We again drove I5 all the way with one stop for food and leg stretches. Sienna was amazing after our stop in centralia, She slept for 3.5 hrs and then woke up and watched a DVD(Dora the explorer) We got to Grants pass at 6:30 and booked ourselves into the Super 8. We really treated ourselves to a luxurious stay after last night. Actually the Super 8 is a lot better than the Days Inn. The hotel has an indoor pool at least. We went for a swim already and sat in the hot tub. Right now we're heading to the Sizzler across the street. That's all for now.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

On our way to California

So today we left for our move to California. We left later than i was planning but it worked out O.K. We took the 1:00 ferry to Vancouver and headed south. Our biggest concern was having all the documentation we needed in order. We heard of people being sent back at the border and all kinds of stuff. While we were going through the process a oriental family beside us got sent away, so I guess it does happen. First off the border wait was literally nothing. We drove to the peace arch and drove right to a customs dude, NO WAIT. From the time we pulled up to the border to the time we left was 15min tops. We immigrated to the U.S. in 15 min!!! From there we drove straight south on the I5. We hit Seattle at about 5:30 Ignoring all traffic warnings. My only plan today was to make it past Seattle to avoid traffic tomorrow. Sienna and Elizabeth slept the whole way from the border to our ghetto crack shack hotel(3 hours+). The hotel we stopped at tonight is pretty sick, I think the may even charge by the hour, I dunno. It's a Days Inn which we've had luck with before . Anyways it'll do us fine for the night and tomorrow we hope to be at the south end of Oregon. Weather here is rain/snow mix and 6 degrees, weather in Gilroy on the day we should arrive is mostly sunny and 20 degrees, can't wait. That's all for now, time to have a soda and watch some Nascar racing.