Friday, September 01, 2006

California and New wheels!?!?

So tonight we head off for the sun soaked beaches of California. This is probably our favorite place to travel to(mine anyways). I know it's not very exotic but that's me. We're just heading down for the long weekend plus 2 days. It'll just give us enough time to get some more 30 degree weather in and see some of our favorite spots. I'll for sure have some pictures to show, but now that I'm a big wedding photographer I don't know how these travel pictures will turn out, it's not my specialty you know.
On another note, I've been selling stuff on at a pretty good pace. I put 3 things on(xbox,computer,TV)and they all sold within days.The TV I will have for a little while because I sold it to a friend. Anyways yesterday I decided to try my luck at the buying thing and picked up a set of wheels and tires for the Honda. They were pretty cheap and it kind of shows but for the cost of what I sold my xbox for, it's a good trade off. They are really dirty and need to be shinned up but they should be ok.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Beth's beautiful bountiful baby belly!!!

the tummy is progressing lovely. Notice the shirt says"COMING THIS FALL". these are Elizabeth's first maternity clothes from Old Navy.