Thursday, March 09, 2006

First Nursing Job!!!!!

Well today is an exciting day. Elizabeth called me in the afternoon to let me know that the hospital offered her a job!!!!! It is on the Oncology ward at the Jubilee. She starts April 18 with her paid orientation. I'm very proud and excitied to see all the years of hard work she has put in will soon be paying off. Also right after that my boss called and offered me a raise!!!!(Not quite what a nurse makes but still happy about it).

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Weddings Weddings Weddings

Well As we prepare for summer and all it's glory, We are first preparing for Ryan and Elisa's wedding On April 22. Me being best man and Elizabeth being Maid of honor, brings it's share of headaches. Planning multiple showers, a stag and a stagette is a lot of stress, But all worth it for our the people we love

After Ryan and Elisa'a wedding comes Elizabeth's sisters wedding. Becka and Gavin. We are looking forward to this one, I have a feeling there will be fun, tears and excitement. I personally predict Becka will vomit or pass out at the alter. If you know Becka you know that when she's looking forward to something she'll get so excited she'll make her self sick(literally). I included a picture just in case you don't believe me.

The next picture is Becka's first trip to Disneyland. So excited to spend the first three days in bed while we all experienced the wonders of the magic kindom. This picture is from the fourth day when she ventured out to have some a wheelchair!!!

A few pics from the area

Since We haven't actually been to Glendale I don't have too many pics of the area. That will Change in July When the hospital brings us down for a visit. Here are a few pics I found on the web.

Near... Far... Near....Far

From what we've seen Glendale is beautiful. There are mountains all around, Beaches close by(Like Santa Monica, one of our favorites), and shopping!!! It is very central to lots of our favorite places. Here are some places and distances from Glendale

Los Angeles 13 min 9.78 miles
Santa Monica 28min 24.05miles
Anaheim(Disney) 41min 34.31miles
San Diego 2h9min 129.15miles
Palm Springs 1h51min 111.83miles
Las Vegas Nv. 3h57min 269.14miles
Phoenix Az. 5h35min 378.53miles

Where in the world!?!?!

Well Here is a little lesson on where in the world Glendale is, It's North of L.A. , surrounded by communities such as Pasedena, Burbank, and Beverly hills.