Friday, June 16, 2006

Toys Toys Toys!!!!!

This is definetly the most worthy update I have put on this site. Actually I take that back I don't want to get in trouble, But I'm really excited. This week I recieved my new laptop that I ordered from Dell. It's a inspiron6400. Dual core processor/100gb hard drive/1gb ram/ windows media edition/15.4 widescreen. We've had the same dinosaur for years and we we're due for a new one.

We're not done yet! I got a second treat this week which is my new camera. This bad boy is a whopping 9 megapixels/10.7x optical zoom/ I also bought a 1gb memory card. The camera has so many features I won't bore you with them. Some of you may be so bored with this entry you haven't even got to this point. But if your reading this I guess you LOVE electronics just like me.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Elizabeth's Graduation

It's Official, Elizabeth has her Diploma and was at UVIC for the last time on Friday! Elizabeth had her ceremony on Friday and did the walk up to get her diploma. It was a pretty good ceremony and wasn't even that long considering there was a hundred or so other Nurse grad's. It was just me and her Mom in attendance due to limited seating. I tried to get pictures inside but wasn't all that succesful due to poor lighting. I am very proud of Elizabeth for sticking it through all these years and doing so well in her classes and practicum.
This is Elizabeth getting her diploma and walking across the stage. Her name was at the begining so we had to sit around and watch all the other nurses walk on by.
This next picture is my absolute favorite. Elizabeth is shocked that she actually is finished her Nursing school.