Monday, June 30, 2008

What the heck have we been doing

Well our last post was a long time ago. Since April we have just been doing our thing in Gilroy, and areas around. We have discovered that our favorite beach now is Capitola beach and Sienna's favorite passtime is by far Gilroy Garden's and the kids carousel. Elizabeth is enjoying her work and I am enjoying being a housewife. We had the Deringers down for a visit in May and that was a great time. Tomorrow we are having Tricia, Justin and Hunter for a week and a bit. After they leave a week later we will be in Victoria for a week for a visit and I will be helping at teen camp. We have had fun hanging with our friends here and Sienna really loves hanging with Juliet. We miss all our friends/family and are excited to see them soon. Also we are missing Mom/Grandma up north and hope we can see her sometime soon as well.

Monday, April 14, 2008

This and that, oh ya and some of those too.

Since the last entry weve done a few fun things that perhaps you might like to hear about. If you would not like to hear about them you can skip down to the pictures at the end.....Still there? So weve been hanging out with this really nice couple in the building who have a daughter Sienna's age and a new little 4 week old. They seem really nice and we have a lot in common, she plays tennis and he plays basketball. The one thing he doesn't do is play Halo, so we'll so how close of friends we will actually be. We went on a mom's morning out with the kids to the childrens discovery museum, and yes I went, afterall I am a housewife. It was really fun for the kids and there was tons to do. It was kind of a Science World for little kiddies. We got seasons passes for Gilroy Gardens and have visited there a couple more times. Every time I go to Gilroy Gardens I like it more and more. The park is so more laid back than your normal theme park, there are way less people and it is so nice. It was originally a kind of buchart gardens and the this Bonafante guy incorperated a bunch of attractions in to it. We had our first bbq outside, we are not allowed bbq's so they have bbq pits all over and you use charcoals to cook with. I like to grill this way but sure do miss my propane bbq. We have visited a bunch of parks in the area which are really awsome. Gilroy has earned the most awards in California for it's parks. Other than that we have been just enjoying the spring weather and hanging by the pool. It has been pretty hot here already, the last few days have been in the 90's or 32 degrees. Hope everyone is doing well and we miss all of you. Sienna with her first pair of thongs, sandals that is.
Sienna and Juliet discovering at the Discovery museum

The gurls getting lost in the rock maze

Sienna searching for easter eggs at our Vineyards annual easter egg hunt

Gilly the Garlic at Gilroy Gardens

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What have we been up to??

So we've had a busy week with family and fun. Well since our last post we had Elizabeth's parents visit us for a week. It was great to have them here and Elizabeth was sooo happy to have them. The week they came was a pretty nice week weather wise. There were severeal afternoons spent pool side catching some rays and taking a dip. Sienna was sure happy to see G&G, it took her a day but after that she warmed up to them. One of the days we went to Santa Cruz to check out the beach, surf and walk the pier. The highlight of the week for me was my Christmas present from Elizabeth which was tickets to the Warriors Vs Rockets basketball game in Oakland. The Rockets were my favorite team but now I have to cheer for Golden State because we live here. The game went down to the wire and the fans were electric, Elizabeth's Dad was so excited he went streaking across the floor and got tackled by the security.

Of course it was Easter weekend so we went to church, which i won't mention the name of for fear of the pastoral staff catching wind and reading this post. For those that don't know the post I entered about "Football churh" got noticed by the Staff at the church and the whole pastoral staff read it. The pastor told us on the Following Sunday that they were glad we enjoyed it. That was an awkward momment.

Yesterday we bought our Season passes for Gilroy Gardens family theme park and spent a few hours there. It's great for Sienna and would be great for all you family and friends to enjoy if you came down(especially the ones with kiddies) Sienna had fun going on her first mini rollercoaster and got to drive a 67 corvette. Other than that were just having fun doing whatever we want to.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm back again

Sorry for the long delay in postages. We have finally got into our house and are settling in quite lovely. We are just loving our new house, there are still a couple of boxes left to unpack but the Kitchen/living room/guest bath are all set up. Our bedroom/ensuite are next on the list. Anyone who saw our Victoria bedroom knows how it was totally neglected but this time we have more room and can be more organized. I personally have been getting great use out of the pool. I tend to spend an hour os so before Elizabeth goes to work laying out catching some rays. Elizabeth likes her new hospital and enjoys the staff a lot. The hospital is well staffed compared to Victoria which creates a good work enviroment. Elizabeth is practicing her Espanol because because one quarter of the patients "No speak English" For a lot of the patients she needs to have a translater present to relay the message. The hospital is small enough that she gets to see all aspects of nursing, there is even some pediatric work which is hard to see. Me and Sienna are having a fun time playing Halo together and watching basketball. I love my time with Sienna she's so funny and makes me laugh all day long. Usually our afternoon consists of going for a long walk/playing in the park and possibly a quick dip in the pool.
We enjoyed having Shane here a couple of weeks ago, and had a good short visit with Ben and Sarah when they were here. Elizabeth got a chance to go to Sarah's baby shower at her parents house which was great. I got to hang out with Ben and some of Sarah's family. I even had my dinner paid for by some 35 year old stranger who turned out to be Sarah's 50 year old Dad(The years have been good to him, and her Mom too) This weekend Elizabeth's parents arrive for spring break(woohoo spring break) Elizabeth is pretty pumped to see her Mommy and Daddy.
We have met a couple in the complex that is about our age and has a girl Sienna's age. They just moved from Arizona for the same reason as us, for the adventure.They are more brave though they just had another baby this week. Anyways my fingers are cramping up so adios amigos. Here are a few pics of our home

Here's a video of Sienna singing and dancing

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Should be getting internet early this week

Should be getting internet early this week then we can update the blog again. stay tuned

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We here in our place

I'll just quickly fill everyone in on our situation, because I'm stealing wireless from some guy in our workout gym. We are in our townhouse now, and it is amazing. The drive down for the second time in 2 weeks was hard. It was long and boring. It was a good thing I had Shane with me because I would have hated it without someone else. We moved into our house the day we got here around 5pm. It's taken us a few days to unpack everything and start to get organized but slowly were getting there. Elizabeth finally starts work today at 10am just for orientation but it's good she's starting. Most of this week we've been going to Santa Cruz to take pictures of surfers and just to hang out there. Yesterday Shane surfed while I took pictures and Elizabeth played with Sienna. That's about it hopefully we are getting our phone/internet/cable hooked up this week. Talk to you all soon.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Going to Victoria

Just a quick note. I will be flying back to victoria tomorrow to get the moving truck and bring all our stuff down. I'll only be in town for a day and a half. Coming back with me is Shane who is coming down to do some surfing and hopefully help me move in a couch or two. Ayways there might be a lack of posts for a few or more days as I'll be busy driving and getting into our new house. Talk to you all soon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just another lazy Sunday afternoon.

This will be a short one, I think. Being Sunday today we decided that it would be in our best interests to go to church. Some of us got going kind of slow so we were 20min's late, but for most of you that have seen us stroll into GT that's not a big surprise. Church was good there was a guest speaker, don't remember his name but remember everything he said of course. the last couple of weeks we've been scoping out the church for young couples with kids that we may become acquainted with. Elizabeth has seen a couple of top prospects but we don't want to act too fast, we don't want to look desperate. It's a whole mind game thing you know, you gotta throw out the vibe and see if someone throws it back. Really we're just trying to fill the empty void in our hearts for all our Victoria/Vancouver friends and Family. After church we decided to skip out on the visitors super duper get to know everyone, awkward time of fellowship, tell us all about you and your first pets name,what's your favorite food, would you like to join the choir, when can you give your testimony, here's your tithe envelopes lunch. Instead of that we went by ourselves to Mimi's Cafe and had a nice lunch. Sienna got a desert with her kids lunch called something dirt, which consisted of chocolate pudding, oreo cookie crumbs and gummie worms. Neadless to say she made some kind of mess. P.S. the reason I'm writing this @ 4:00 is because tonight is totally devoted to the great TV which will entertain me with the 2008 NBA allstar game for the evening. That's it, see ya.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Today being the start of the presidents day long weekend, we thought it might be a good idea to do something longweekendish. So we decided to drive 45min south west to Monterey and check out the aquarium. We got there around 11:30 and found parking and headed over to famous Cannery Row.Cannery Row is full of stores, seafood restaurants and other wharfy stuff. We arrived at the front doors of the aquarium to a 30min wait to get tickets. The tickets were 25 dollars each(children 3 and under free). We went in with high expectations because of all the great things we heard. The aquarium is simply that, a large aquarium of fish. Don't get me wrong it was neat and Sienna loved all the underwater glass tanks and the touchy feely zone. We were disapointed that there were no dolphins, seals, otters or anything. I guess we were hoping for more of a Sea World experience. Good grief the section called otter bay was a deck overlooking an inlet of water the otters sometimes hang out at(not today). The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a neat place to check out fish and a hundred types of kelp but I think the $25 admission should be more like $15 at the most. Now for all you that may come this way for a visit and are dissapointed at my review, feel relief that Monterey it self is a cool little town with lots of shopping, golf, Restaurants. Walking Cannery Row and Fisherman's warf is worth the trip.

Watch the very end of the first video, typical Sienna. The second video is the result of letting some stranger take a family picture for you.

Did you catch the very end of the first video. Well if you didn't Sienna falls on her face after the end of the video

Friday, February 15, 2008

picnic in the park and Social Security

Today we were in Gilroy for the day. Elizabeth had to go get her social security number from the Gilroy office. I'm amazed at how easy it has been to move to the US, everything from the border to the California nursing license to a social security number has been quick and easy. After we got the SSN we decided to get some lunch and head over to a really nice park we saw the other day. It was a huge park with a big picnic bbq area for large groups. The play area for kids was quite extensive as well. I think this will be a fun place to bring Sienna to play because it will be close to our house and has lots of kids to play with.

Tonight was the start of allstar weekend for the NBA so I stayed home and watched that this evening and Elizabeth and Sienna went to the local Rec center for some sweet swimming action. In Victoria they had a toonie swim in the evenings, well here they don't have toonies so they have the $12 swim night. $12 can you believe that!!!!!!!! the pool wasn't even that big. That's it for today pretty uneventful. Not sure what the weekend holds for us besides the rest of allstar weekend. There is talk of heading to Monterey or maybe exploring some of San Jose.

Poor Sienna left by the tree at such a young age. Sounds familiar hey sis.

Don't worry mommy's here.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines and Bank accounts

Today of course was Valentines Day, the one day of the year to be romantic to your significant other. Today we didn't spend tons of money on chocolates, flowers or other gifts, instead we opened a US bank account(steamy). Even though we didn't go all out on gifts this year, we have grown closer in the last few weeks by spending time together. I've said it before on the blog, I am so thankful for the time that me and Elizabeth have spent together. After having Sienna it seemed as though it was harder and harder to get quality alone time together. With both of us off work we get to go to the park, store or even the bank together, sounds simple but it's great. I love my wife with everything I have, and I love Sienna just the same.
Her's a little video of Elizabeth and Sienna playing hide and seek.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Needles and ...

Not much happening today, I'm sorry to say. This morning Elizabeth had to be at the hospital at 7:30 for a CPR coarse which she scored 100% on. Me and Sienna just stuck around the hotel a had breakfast in the hotel. The breakfast is actually not bad, every morning they have sasusage, bacon, hashbrowns, pancakes, waffles, french toast cereal and other treats. I usually stuff my pie hole full to overflowing and then have a late lunch. After Elizabeth finished the coarse we went out to the outlet mall again to check out another section, we have to familiarize ourselves with every store so when we actually get some money we will know where to blow it all. Speaking of blow, Elizabeth also had to take a drug test this afternoon at the hospital. They did a physical exam followed by the drug test. She met her boss and some other nurses on her walk around the hospital. It turns out that almost 50% of the nurses at the hospital are from Canada. The couple she met were imports from Canada 20 years ago and are still working there. After the hospital we hit Panera Bread again for supper and again it was amazing. We both will be thankful to have our own house again so we can settle in. That's it for now, don't know what's in store for tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Santa Cruz and Chuckie Cheese?

Today was the day we chose to check out Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is approx. 35 min away from Gilroy, and is accesible by going up and over Hecker Pass which is basically a mountain park. The drive is pretty nice, it reminds me of Golstream with all the trees. Santa Cruz is the Appitomy of California lifestyle, with long sandy beaches, great surfing, a huge drive out pier with shops and restaurants and a huge beach side amusement park. It is so beautiful there, I think I like it more than Santa Monica beach now. So as we drove to the beach this morning a light in our truck came on that sais "check gauges" and the oil pressure needle dropped off. of couse I start freaking out thinking that I would have to fork over hundreds of dollars to fix this car repair at the worst time possible. It turns out that after driving a couple thousand kilomiters you should probably check the oil at some point. I stopped at the first gas station and put a couple quarts of oil in and everything was hunkie dorie, go figure. Anyways the day at the beach was great we got some sun, watched some beach volleyball and surfing. I think that will be a place that we will enjoy going weekly this spring and summer, and all you guests will enjoy it as well.

After the beach we decided to drive back to Gilroy for some dinner. As we drove we spotted a world renowned restaurant for all ages. Chuckie Cheese called out to us like the sweet song of a Siren calling out to a fisherman. We've never been to one so we figured why not, Sienna will love it. Sienna did love it, a lot! We got her the salad buffett with all kinds of good treats for her but she ate nothing. We couldn't drag her away from all the other distractions long enough for her to stuff a piece of cheese in her pie hole. it's a great place for the kiddies and for kids birthdays, but I was counting the seconds after a few seconds being there. All in all another great day. Tomorrow Elizabeth take a CPR course and get a drug/physical test at the hospital. Me and Sienna get to hang for the day.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sac town

Sacramento, right near Arco arena where the Sacramento Kings play
Mia Hamm? or Sienna Booth?
Sienna after finishing a can of Dora the Expolorer pasta

Today we had to drive back to Sacramento which is 1:45min north. It was kind of a pain but necessary because elizabeth had to get her California nursing license from there. The only thing let is to get a social security number, so she can get paid for working. Although the drive was long it was worth it because we found a great new restaurant called Panera Bread. I don't know if they have them in canada, i've never seen one, but we had an amazing soup and sandwich there. it's like a Starbucks/bakery/mom's cafe mix. Not much else happening today, tomorrow we are thinking of going to Santa cruz for the day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Church and shopping, two great activities.

Today we woke up and decided to go to the church that i went to when I came in December. The church is called South Valley Community Church. It's a very welcoming church of about 500 people we guessed. It is across the street and one block down from the Vineyards where we want to live. It has great worship and the pastor seems down to earth. Today was a bit different because the theme was football(for the probowl, which hardley anyone in canada even knows when it is). Outside as we pulled up to the church was 50yards of astro turf set ouot complete with yardage markings, goal posts and a lifesize Jerry Rice cut out. During the service they handed out 50/50 tickets for a draw to throw the football from 50 yards and get it trough a small hole in Jerry Rice's hands for $5000. This seemed weird to me too, but it was sponsored by a local company so it wasn't tithe money. Every Sunday morning the have coffee/lattes, donuts and other treats set up outside as you arrive, if this isn't reason enough to try a chuch I don't know what is(also today the gave out free hamburgers/hotdogs, pop, and chips). Oh and the service was fine too.
After church we headed to the Gilroy Premium Outlets to check it out. It is huge with more stores than you would ever hope for. To compare, the seattle outlet mall has 110 stores the gilroy outlet mall has over 145 stores and they are building a whole other section with 25 more stores. I think we'll be able to find what we need there. After that we came back to the hotel and went for a walk together, then elizabeth took Sienna to the park to play and I watched basketball. Another great day together. Hopefully this entry didn't bore you to death but I want to try to keep a record for anyone who does read this thing. Sorry no pictures hopfully next time.Watch this video and look at how fast Elizabeth runs down the slide.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

We made it!!!!!

Today we arrived in Morgan hill where we will stay for two weeks or so. We got here around 1:00pm and had to kill some time before our room was ready. Across the street is a huge soccer tounament going on. Sienna had fun watching that and running around outside. We also found a great park near by where we spent an hour playing with a bunch of kids and just enjoying the sunshine. It's so strange to be able to go out in a t-shirt in the middle of Feb. today was 22 degrees and SUNNY, you might be sick of me saying that but it's unreal to be here. our hotel room is rather large and the hotel seems nice. there are a few issues but nothing too major. We are both glad we don't have to switch hotels again tomorrow, although we will be sick of this one after two weeks. We will go check out our future home and some other sites tomorrow, nothing too much.

Friday, February 08, 2008

3:10 to Yuba

Instead of driving all day and night today, we decided to split it in two days. After all we would be rushing to stay in a hotel for two weeks, so if we stay in one on the way what's the difference ?

Last night I decided that we would take a minor detour and head south east the Reno, Nevada. I was all excited because it looked kind of interesting and besides i could triple our funds for the month. In the morning facing another 5.5 hour drive I decided it would be wise to just head south and end up wherever we did. Reno is about 4 hours from Gilroy so If we did want to go there it would be easy. Anyways we headed over the Mountains in Oregon and Half way through the mountains we entered a snowy California. There was tons of the white stuff, not my idea warm sunny California. As we drove more we ended up in Chico and decided to stop for a rest and dinner. We hadn't got out of the car since Oregon and as we pulled up to the Target store we saw a girl wearing shortty shorts and a t-shirt??! We opened the door and felt the 20 degree weather and finally felt like we were in sunny California. We are having a great time together as a family and I cherish this time very much. I am so thankfull for this opportunity.