Monday, July 23, 2007

Nanoose Bay Camp 2007

Ohhhh I like camp, mommy!!
It was supposed to be dodgeball the counsellors against the sports staff, but Brian just cannot help himself with his hops!! I think the sports staff dominated!!Better luck next year counsellors...

I love my little jacuzzi tub, where's the drinks and food?

This is how we do bathy time at camp, when it is not raining that is..

Grandpa rocking Sienna to sleep on the classic love swing

"Sienna come out of there and play now"

I love camp!!

What a beautiful little family!!

I think they are working those guys too hard.....

PLaytime with daddy in amongst his busy schedule of refereeing games and falling out of trucks(dad).

Grandpa letting Sienna get the hang of things in the cafeteria."Hmmm who's food can I get to the fastest"?

Sienna is sitting up very well now and she enjoys doing that instead of sleeping. All I could do was laugh!!

Well, see you next year.I am out of here!!