Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Teen Camp 2006

Another year of helping at Nanoose Bay has come and gone but not without some more great memories. I was helping doing sports staff again which I really like, for the most part. Elizabeth was up for a couple days at the beginning and a couple at the end, hopefully next year she can be there the whole time. There were about 280 teens at the camp plus all the staff to run it, which is pretty normal numbers for Nanoose. The first few days were o.k. weather wise but the last 2 or 3 days were up around 34-35 degrees. This year was a little different for me because one of the sports staff members who takes all the pictures for the camp sports and awards became ill. Due to his illness I stepped in to take the pictures for 2 days of sports as well as all the banquet and awards pictures. I got to use probably 7000-8000 dollars of camera equipment for those few days which made me almost giddy. All in all it was a great camp with lots of laughs and lots of fun, I wouldn't want to spend 1 week of my holidays any other way. I have around 450 pictures of camp but I'll only put a few on the blog.
The great and mighty sports staff Me taking some pics and getting some sun while I'm at it.
Elizabeth getting a picture from one of the many awards she won in the past, this one was mvp.
This is me at the awards banquet, it's quite the event. It even has paparazzi and reporters.