Monday, April 14, 2008

This and that, oh ya and some of those too.

Since the last entry weve done a few fun things that perhaps you might like to hear about. If you would not like to hear about them you can skip down to the pictures at the end.....Still there? So weve been hanging out with this really nice couple in the building who have a daughter Sienna's age and a new little 4 week old. They seem really nice and we have a lot in common, she plays tennis and he plays basketball. The one thing he doesn't do is play Halo, so we'll so how close of friends we will actually be. We went on a mom's morning out with the kids to the childrens discovery museum, and yes I went, afterall I am a housewife. It was really fun for the kids and there was tons to do. It was kind of a Science World for little kiddies. We got seasons passes for Gilroy Gardens and have visited there a couple more times. Every time I go to Gilroy Gardens I like it more and more. The park is so more laid back than your normal theme park, there are way less people and it is so nice. It was originally a kind of buchart gardens and the this Bonafante guy incorperated a bunch of attractions in to it. We had our first bbq outside, we are not allowed bbq's so they have bbq pits all over and you use charcoals to cook with. I like to grill this way but sure do miss my propane bbq. We have visited a bunch of parks in the area which are really awsome. Gilroy has earned the most awards in California for it's parks. Other than that we have been just enjoying the spring weather and hanging by the pool. It has been pretty hot here already, the last few days have been in the 90's or 32 degrees. Hope everyone is doing well and we miss all of you. Sienna with her first pair of thongs, sandals that is.
Sienna and Juliet discovering at the Discovery museum

The gurls getting lost in the rock maze

Sienna searching for easter eggs at our Vineyards annual easter egg hunt

Gilly the Garlic at Gilroy Gardens