Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fall Time and Halloween, and Fashion Show!

Proud Mommy and Daddy of our little Strawberry Shortcake.Well, the story goes...Aunty Tricia made the beautiful costume and so when we were in the mall some man stopped us and said, "You must stay for the costume contest with her". So, we did and she was one of three winners in the Tillicum costume contest!! She was so funny walking across the stage in front of the judges and I was trying everything to keep that awesome little hat on her head....Thanks Aunty Tricia!!
There she is!!

Sarah, Tricia and I went to the Watoto fashion show, thanks to Aunty Bev.It was a great time, oh and look at those fabulous cat walkers....

My baby girl, growing up so fast

Our little fish "Hunter" we went out to see the salmon with Tricia, Justin and Hunter.The kids did not even notice the fish.Oh except for the dead ones on the river side.

Look what crawled out of that log!!I'll take her home!!What do you feed these kind??