Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Houston Vs. Seattle

These last two days I was in Seattle watching a basketball game with Elizabeth's Dad and Brother. We left on Tuesdays morning in Phil Jr's car. It was a gorgeous day with blue sky everywhere. The trip was going great until the car broke down in downtown Seattle. The power steering fluid was leaking out everywhere. We had planned on coming back to Vancouver to stay the night but we had to stay in Seattle. It was O.k. because we ended up staying in a nice little place called the "Mediterranean".
We had the car fixed by a really nice guy at "Taylor Brakes". Who Also ended up Giving us a tour of the area with his wife. They showed us a burger shop called "Dick's" which has been there for 35 years. They dropped us off at our Hotel and said we could call them if we needed anything at all.
Anyways the main reason we went was the game. The game was O.k. except for the fact that the one person I wanted to see was not only injured but not even in the building(T-MAC, AKA Tracy Mcgrady, AKA the greatest player ever!!!!). But the experience was awesome. Key Arena was pretty cool because they let you go right down to the court if you're early enough and watch the players warm up and take pictures. We were standing ON the actual court!!!!!!!!!
Above is Phil and Phil outside the arena.Stromile Swift warming up. In the background one of the 50 greatest players Patrick Ewing(Now an assistant coach).
The new Twin Towers. 7'5" You Ming and 7' Dikembe Mutombo having a laugh before the game.
Me after the game just Chillin'.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Big 5 0

This last weekend we had a birthday party for Elizabeth's dad. He's 50 believe it or not. Lots of family and friends were there and it was a total surprise. We had the celebration at The Lighthouse restaurant in Nanaimo and it's a nice place right in the harbour. There was probably about 40 people, most from the church or the Cowley clan.
He is a true teacher captivating the masses with knowledge and wisdom. When he speaks we listen, knowing that a man blessed with such years is truly an insightful man