Saturday, October 28, 2006

Elizabeth update

Here is sweet little Elizabeth at 35 weeks. I think this is as big as she's gonna get so all you hoping for a 70 pound gain, sorry. She has gained 24lbs overall though, which is up from what we had thought before. Everything is still going well and Elizabeth is fealing fine. Beth has put her Maternity leave notice in for Nov.15 to be her last day of work. I will probably take a week or two off when little Pablo comes along, maybe more I don't really know. Not long now!!!
What a beautiful Mom to be

Friday, October 27, 2006

Very scary pumpkin carvings.....well not so much.

Tonight we spent the night hackin' away at a couple pumpkins for halloween. Ben and Sarah came over and we carved and had roasted pumpkin seeds mmmm. Personally I felt that my pumkin was the best one but you all can be the judge. Pumkin #1 Ben's oriental man vomiting.
Pumpkin #2 Sarah's horrifically scary kitty cat. Notice the frightening heart shaped nose.
Pumpkin # 3 is my Halo 2(it's a video game for you not in the know).
Last but not least is the most wonderful, splendid, fantastic one of all. It belongs to beautiful Elizabeth. It is a picaso inspired self portrait of herself as a pregnant mother to be. Some may not be able to notice it right away but you obviously don't have an artistic mind.
If you still can't see it, it's a side profile of a pregnant lady but she's headless.Oooo scary!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Something for us,something for baby.

Here the pic of our new TV finally. We were using a wee 19" for a while but now we have our 42" plasma hdtv. Our place seems a lot bigger with the TV on the wall, it really opens up the space. Anyways more importantly I also painted the baby room this weekend with the help of Chris Driebergen. He did all the hard work like cutting in and the trim and I just rolled it on. The room looks so good with the green with bright white trim. The colour is called Christopher Robbins Swing made by Disney. We got a change table Friday also white, now were just waiting on the crib and we'll have the room pretty much done. We're getting pretty anxious to have the baby and see what it looks like and how it behaives. Elizabeth is doing good still, She's gained 24 pounds and the baby's heart rate is 130 which means BOY. The baby is also apparently quite long(21"), no surprise there looking at it's parents. Anyways 6 weeks and counting, but if the baby comes when I expect it to it will be only 4 weeks. I just read what I wrote and I really write in segmented sentences don't I. Oh well who care it's my blog. And I. Will. Write. How I . want!!!! See ya!