Monday, June 30, 2008

What the heck have we been doing

Well our last post was a long time ago. Since April we have just been doing our thing in Gilroy, and areas around. We have discovered that our favorite beach now is Capitola beach and Sienna's favorite passtime is by far Gilroy Garden's and the kids carousel. Elizabeth is enjoying her work and I am enjoying being a housewife. We had the Deringers down for a visit in May and that was a great time. Tomorrow we are having Tricia, Justin and Hunter for a week and a bit. After they leave a week later we will be in Victoria for a week for a visit and I will be helping at teen camp. We have had fun hanging with our friends here and Sienna really loves hanging with Juliet. We miss all our friends/family and are excited to see them soon. Also we are missing Mom/Grandma up north and hope we can see her sometime soon as well.