Friday, September 08, 2006

Our last holliday without Jr.

Well this trip to California was just what we needed. We got lots of sun and heat, the temperatures hovered around 35-37degrees. We did lots of stuff and we still had lots of time to relax, which was what it was all about. So the first day we got there we got our rental car which was a Chrysler 300. This car is big, wide and sucks gas big time. We loved it.
Our first day we went to Newport beach, our favorite beach. We spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and just relaxing from the flight.
After the beach we checked into our hotel which was a pleasant surpirise. The hotel was nothing special, it was a Holliday Inn near Disneyland. The great thing about it was that it was really clean and the service was awsome. That night we headed off to Downtown Disney which is a bunch of Restaurants, shops and entertainment. We ate at a Mexican place called Tortilla Joes, it was a good spot to people watch. The next day we went to San Diego via the coast highway. The drive down presented many nice beaches one of our favorites was in San Capistrano.
I'm gonna speed things up a bit by point forming the rest of the trip. In San Diego we spent much time lost trying to find the Wild Animal Park, who knew 30 miles south of the park would be Mexico?? That day was cool but really hot!! 37 degrees hot. The park was really interesting. The next day we went to Disneyland/California Adventure all in one day. We weren't going to go there but how could we pass up the 50th anniversary, Mickey just wouldn't have it. Dinner that night we stuffed our faces full of Red Lobster goodness and sat by the pool. The next day was Santa Monica and the BLVD for some window shopping. We sat on the beach and checked out the pier. Dinner was Olive Garden, enough said. After dinner we cruised back to Anaheim to catch an Angels game that was sold out except for our $120 tickets we barley got the morning of. The game was awsome. There was a collision at the plate, extra innings and Anaheim won by a homerun in the 10th inning, sweet!! The next day was spent with room service breakfast and siiting pool side until we had to pack up and go home. The trip was good maybe 2 days too short but good non the less.