Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm back again

Sorry for the long delay in postages. We have finally got into our house and are settling in quite lovely. We are just loving our new house, there are still a couple of boxes left to unpack but the Kitchen/living room/guest bath are all set up. Our bedroom/ensuite are next on the list. Anyone who saw our Victoria bedroom knows how it was totally neglected but this time we have more room and can be more organized. I personally have been getting great use out of the pool. I tend to spend an hour os so before Elizabeth goes to work laying out catching some rays. Elizabeth likes her new hospital and enjoys the staff a lot. The hospital is well staffed compared to Victoria which creates a good work enviroment. Elizabeth is practicing her Espanol because because one quarter of the patients "No speak English" For a lot of the patients she needs to have a translater present to relay the message. The hospital is small enough that she gets to see all aspects of nursing, there is even some pediatric work which is hard to see. Me and Sienna are having a fun time playing Halo together and watching basketball. I love my time with Sienna she's so funny and makes me laugh all day long. Usually our afternoon consists of going for a long walk/playing in the park and possibly a quick dip in the pool.
We enjoyed having Shane here a couple of weeks ago, and had a good short visit with Ben and Sarah when they were here. Elizabeth got a chance to go to Sarah's baby shower at her parents house which was great. I got to hang out with Ben and some of Sarah's family. I even had my dinner paid for by some 35 year old stranger who turned out to be Sarah's 50 year old Dad(The years have been good to him, and her Mom too) This weekend Elizabeth's parents arrive for spring break(woohoo spring break) Elizabeth is pretty pumped to see her Mommy and Daddy.
We have met a couple in the complex that is about our age and has a girl Sienna's age. They just moved from Arizona for the same reason as us, for the adventure.They are more brave though they just had another baby this week. Anyways my fingers are cramping up so adios amigos. Here are a few pics of our home

Here's a video of Sienna singing and dancing