Friday, December 29, 2006

More Christmas

These last two are from Dad's breakfast Christmas morning Here's the Cowley clan Christmas dinner This is Godzilla baby ravaging the poor people staying at the Christian singles resort.
"Where's the tanning bed."
Sienna had a rough Christmas, so Christmas day she had a cold drink and promptly passed out on the floor.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas !!!!!

This Christmas was amazing. We had so much fun with family and friends doing so many things. Our gift exchange at Nicole and Jeff's was a big hit like usual, the baking didn't hurt either. This year we spent Christmas eve at the Cowley's, came down for Breakfast at My dad's and then headed back up to Ladysmith. Mom will be coming in early January so we are excited for that. Over the holiday we ate lots of food played lots of poker and watched hours of Lord of the Rings. I'm glad I had from the 23rd to Jan 2 off to just enjoy the season with family. We got more than what we could ever need and then some. Thanks to all our family that sent Christmas cards and for all the gifts. We haven't had much time to send thank you cards so thank you. Here are just a few of the many pictures we took.
These are the lovely ladies from the gift exchange night

This is Chistmas eve building our Gingerbread masterpieces, which actually turned out pretty cool.
This is the ladies Road to Avonlea inspired scene. Pretty good.
And this is the men's Christian singles resort complete with marshmellow limosine, cobblestone walkways, rockwork around the pillars, a palm tree out front, a tiki hut, pool,paved driveway, grass yard, 4 decks, and also mince meat tart planter boxes(because what else are mince meat tarts good for).
Opening stockings early Christmas morning.