Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fire Alarms and Great Friends

Big smiles for an awesome weekend.Can't wait for Sproat lake and many more laughs and memories.

Poor girl, what are those boys doing to you??

Sienna having her first big bath at the hotel.She loved splashing and putting her face in the water!

I think Sienna is having a profound effect on Uncle Ryan and Aunty Elisa

Brian putting Sienna to sleep at our nine'o'clock feeding at the Olive Garden!! Yummmmmy!

The view from on top of the Space Needle!

Troublemakers, who let them in??

Sienna serenading us at the Cheesecake Factory.Yummy shepherd's pie and cheescake!!

There was really cool over head walkways to all the restaurants, theatre and shopping from out hotel. Us girls thoroughly enjoyed it!!

We stayed in the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, which is a really nice little area.Our little monkey is now getting to the edgs of the bed as fast as she can...

Well, this weekend we took a little trip off the island.It was Sienna's first time going on the ferry boat and she quite liked it! The night before we went I kept having this dream over and over that she fell off the ferry so we stuck to the inside decks. I think I was a bit paranoid.We were not sure how she would do with the travelling and staying in the hotel and different surroundings. I think she did pretty good as we can say we would take her anywhere again. Although at the end of the weekend she ended up with a bit of a cold which is now gone, but mommy has one.Go figure.. Anyway here are some pics and a few comments.