Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ist Baseball Game Of 2006

Thursday was our first baseball game of the year against our arch nemesis Colwood. These guys really get under our skin with their cockiness and their tight baseball pants and their jerkiness. Anyways we creamed 'em 23 -12. Elizabeth played well at first base looking lovely as ever.

As for me, I hit my first homerun of the season and trotted around the bases like a gazelle but was out of breath for the next two innings. We had lots of fun and the team should be lots of fun like usual.

This weekend is Easter weekend so we'll be in Ladysmith enjoying the festivities. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Wedding Party

Here is the lovely wedding party for Ryan and Elisa. Less than 2 weeks until the big day

Monday, April 10, 2006

More Stag/Stagette Fun

I said I would update with more pics from the celebrations so I'll put a bunch of pics on the site. The stag was an awesome time with awsome friends. We had 19 people at TNT Paintball in Metchosin. The day started at 9:00am and went until 4:00pm, It was definitely an early start to a Saturday of running and gunning. We had a good group of guys who all knew each which made the day even better. After the paintball we got cleaned up and went to The Four Mile Pub for dinner. Again we had close to 20 people. After a long day of paintballing we worked up some kind of appetite. We had lots of laughs and it was all in all a pretty tame night, more than I can say for the the other party that day(that's a story for another time).
The stagette was also on Saturday mixed in with a shower for Elisa in Ladysmith. The gals had a busy day which combined a scavenger hunt, lingerie shower, regular shower in Ladysmith and karaoke. First was the scavenger hunt which Elizabeth planned and set up. She did an amazing job hiding clues at a school, Tim Horton's, Home Depot, Home Outfitters, and other places. The girls had to race around in their cars to all these places.
Tricia, Sarah, and Rayael on the move.
Michelle threatening the other girls
A couple of Barbie dolls.
The girls trying to figure out the next clue
I think Elisa's a bit confused as to the whole UNDER wear situation.
Elizabeth giving some lessons to Elisa on proper cake cutting etiquette.
Elisa and Angela belting out some little ditty.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ryan's Stag

Click picture to view larger. I will update and tell you more later tonight.