Monday, February 14, 2011

My new desk and bunny hut

Here is my most recent project. I wanted somewhere to keep our computer and books so I decided to turn the spare bedroom closet into a desk. The project started small but like most this I do, my brain kept coming up with new ideas. Anyways what started out as a piece of stained wood as a shelf turned into this. I added a place to store my wine and a few glasses as well as some lighting above the desk and down lighting on the grass weave wallper behind the monitor. Also I was bored one day so I built a little "bunny hut" out of scrap pieces I had around the yard. Yes I also hand painted the bunny hut sign haha.


Anonymous said...

What a great imagination you have and what a practical way to use it...your home office has EVERYTHING!

Ha ha..Bunny's also a home the water bottle by the door....has he ventured inside yet?

bebooth said...

Bunny has ventured in but doesn't sleep there yet. I think it reminds him of the cage. Eventually he will I think