Friday, March 19, 2010

Happenings and my 3 month before and after

Well it's been a while so i'll add a few pictures of things that have gone on. Also one of the biggest things happening in my life was my goal of losing 20 lbs since January 5th. We just recently celebrated Elizabeth's 29th birthday and had a special surprise visit from her parents. Sienna is doing good in gymnastics and is growing up fast. Anyways i'm heading to Las Vegas for Ben's 30th today so i'll just post pics cause i got lots to do.

I didn't want to post pics at first cause i was so humiliated by letting myself go over the last year. I decided i was really proud of myself for sticking with it and losing 21 lbs in 3 months so don't laugh at the before. This is a real before/after not like the magazines that are all photoshop.(I was gonna write before on the pic and screwed up and saved it with the black scribbly line, oops)

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